Raith_GDSII MATLAB Toolbox documentation

This toolbox enables the creation of patterns for Raith electron-beam lithography and focused ion beam tools using MATLAB. It can also be used to create standard GDSII files for arbitrary lithography appplications.

The Raith_GDSII MATLAB Toolbox is currently maintained by the University of Alberta nanoFAB Centre.[1] Please refer to the GitHub repository for the source code and installation details.


  • Generate Raith-dialect GDSII hierarchy (.csf) and positionlist (.pls) files directly within MATLAB

  • Plot patterns in MATLAB using Raith dose factor colouration, from individual GDSII elements to entire positionlists

  • Full support for Raith curved elements (circles, ellipses, arcs)

  • Full support for Raith “fixed beam moving stage” exposure elements (paths and circles)

  • Simply connected font defined to use for text elements

  • Export pattern in plain GDSII (.gds), where Raith-specific elements are converted to polygons and paths, to use with non-Raith GDSII editors

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